Project Brief

Our team at Hashtechy was involved in the conceptualization, designing and development of Wizarma’s e-Commerce platform. Wizarma is a single automated platform where hospitals can view, compare, order and make contracts with pharma companies and get products delivered at the fastest rate possible. Their B2B healthcare ecosystem provides super easy and super affordable supply solutions to Hospitals and Pharmaceutical companies.

After carefully analysing the requirements of the project we designed a platform as per the client’s identity and objective. We developed a website which would appeal to their target audience and would provide a simple yet effective online shopping experience

Services Provided

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Faced Challenges

We had to create an elaborate eCommerce website without sacrificing efficiency depending upon the nature of the company’s offerings and a variety of client preferences.

One of the most difficult issues we had developing Wizarma was integrating the features and shopping characteristics that clients in this market require to compete with the most recent marketplaces. We employed to ensure that the website provided a quick, resilient, and secure purchasing experience for customers. Furthermore, we intended to incorporate the adjustments requested by clients in order to assist customers in making better product selections. This involved us creating unique parameters and filters to streamline the entire buying experience.

After designing the platform with, we integrated the Razorpay to assure that all customer operations were entirely secure. We also needed to create a strong database that would allow the website to run quickly while protecting data confidentiality and privacy.



Project Approach

Dev team comprised 1 Developer, 1 UI/UX Developer with Agile methodology.

The initial step taken by Team Hashtechy was to meet with the clients and learn about their expectations for the e-commerce platform. We also spoke with a few customers of these products to learn more about what might make their buying experience easier. As a result, we designed a platform that employs cutting-edge technology for the greatest levels of performance, as well as a design that attracts attention while being simple in terms of user experience.

The implementation stage required us to create designs and translate them into efficient and secure code for both the front and back ends. Following the successful development of the website and integration of the payment gateway, our quality assurance team thoroughly tested each module, including checkout, wish list, and cart, to name a few.

Key Benefits

Our team looked at the website from the standpoint of a shopper, seeing everything that a visitor would see before making a purchase, ultimately converting the website visitors into shoppers

Cyber threats are of real concern. No one wants malware on their systems; therefore, we designed a platform with complete security certifications so the client could immediately kick start their website.


The website is live and speaks for itself, To learn more check out the official website of Wizarma.