Project Brief

Our Hashtechy team was involved in the conceptualization, design, and development of Surya Electronics’ eCommerce platform during this project. As a newcomer to the business, the company required a digital solution that would provide them with a competitive advantage in the marketplace.

We thoroughly researched the brand, its identity, and its product selection before designing a website that would appeal to their target consumers while also providing them with a simple, effective, and safe online purchasing experience.

Services Provided

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Faced Challenges

Implementing the functionality and shopping factors that customers in this market want were one of the most difficult problems we faced at Surya Electronics. We employed to make sure the website provided a fast, stable, and secure purchasing experience for the customers. In addition, we intended to incorporate client-requested customizations to assist customers in making better product choices. This involved creating custom criteria and filters to make the entire buying experience easier.

We implemented Razorpay after designing the infrastructure using to assure that all consumer transactions were entirely secure. We also needed to create a reliable database that would allow the website to run quickly while protecting data confidentiality and privacy.


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Project Approach

Dev team comprised 1 Developer, 1 UI/UX Developer with Agile methodology.

The first phase for Team Hashtechy was to engage with the clientele and learn about their vision for the ecommerce platform. We also spoke with a few users of these products to better understand what would make their buying experience easier. As a result, we crafted a marketplace that employs leading-edge technologies to deliver the highest levels of quality, as well as a layout that attracts attention while being simple in terms of customer experience.

The next stage was for us to create designs and translate them into efficient and secure code for both the front and back ends. After successfully constructing the website and integrating the payment method, our quality assurance department tested every feature, including checkout, add to wish list, and add to cart, to mention a few

Key Benefits

The Organization transferred a lot of its customers from offline to online platforms allowing Surya Electronics to get major leads and advance its e-commerce business.

The e-commerce platform built at Hashtechy is built with intricacy, We work rigorously until we provide complete customer satisfaction.

Our thorough investigation into the project enabled us to build a simple yet practical customer experience, allowing the clients to increase conversion rates from their digital platform


The website is live and speaks for itself, To learn more check out the official website of Wizarma