Project Brief

During this project, our team at Hashtechy was involved in the conceptualization, design, and development of Pro Effex Cosmetic’s eCommerce platform. An emerging player in the industry, the organization demanded a digital solution that provides them with a competitive edge in the market.

Having understood the brand, its identity, and its collection of products, we comprehensively analyzed them and designed a website that would appeal to their target consumers and simultaneously help them gain a simple, effective, and secure online shopping experience.

Services Provided

Color Palette



Typeface Treatment

Faced Challenges

Given the diverse nature of the company’s offerings and a variety of customer preferences, we had to design an intricate eCommerce website without compromising its performance.

One of the key challenges for us on Pro Effex Cosmetics was to integrate the functionalities and shopping parameters that customers in this industry demand. We used the developer to ensure that the website offered customers a rapid, robust, and secure shopping experience. Further, we also wanted to integrate the customizations requested by the clients for helping the customers better choose their products. This included us developing special parameters and filters that would simplify the whole shopping experience.

After developing the platform using, we integrated Razorpay, to ensure that all the transactions carried out by the customers were completely secure. We also had to develop a robust database that would enable quick operations of the website while maintaining data security and privacy.


Project Approach

The first step Team Hashtechy undertook was to interact with the clients and understand their vision of the eCommerce platform. We also interacted with a few customers of these products to better understand what would simplify their shopping requirements. Subsequently, we conceptualized a platform that uses cutting-edge technology for the highest standards of performance and a design that captures attention, yet retains simplicity when it comes to the user experience.

The next step involved us developing designs and their translation into an efficient and secure code for both – the front and back end. Upon successfully developing the website and integrating the payment gateway, our quality analysis team carried out extensive testing of every module like checkout, add to wishlist, add to cart, to name a few.

Key Benefits

The technology team Hashtechy used along with the design framework made for a stand-out eCommerce platform.

Our comprehensive research about the project helped us create a simple yet effective experience for customers, enabling the clients to achieve a higher conversion rate from their digital platform.


The website is yet to be launched. Will jot down results upon launching and client feedback if any.