Project Brief

The project required Team Hashtechy to create a comprehensive website that was efficient, visually appealing, and capable of adding value to this successful business. Given the nature of the business, the website needed to have a qualitative design, while providing all the relevant information regarding the business, to make it attractive for a customer.

Further, the website is also required to have a module dedicated to booking the company’s services which would be modelled on an eCommerce platform as a user could add products to their cart. The module also allows users to choose customizations depending on their requirements, making it a one-stop website for a customer to know about Studio Cube as well as book their services, if required.

Services Provided

Color Palette






Typeface Treatment

Faced Challenges

Having a design that is minimal, efficient, yet informative. Providing the user with a user-friendly website!

Studio Cube’s website required us to ensure that while every bit of information regarding the company’s operations and offerings was made available for the customer, it also required a special eCommerce-inspired module for booking their services. While it was possible to do that, it was crucial that the design and performance of the website remained highly qualitative and satisfactory.

We were required to identify a strong technology stack that would combine an efficiently performing website, a secure database to record the bookings and a visually appealing design that is appropriate given the company’s business.


Project Approach

Dev team comprised 1 WordPress, 1 UI/UX designer

Upon analyzing the key requirements of the project, we identified WordPress (PHP), MySQL, and Elementor as the technology foundations of the website. WordPress offers web-based projects unique flexibility and also the ability to add plug-ins that enhance performance and introduce desired functionalities. MySQL is one of the most trusted databases in web-based projects across the world and lastly, Elementor was key for the project’s design process.

Our team used the agile methodology to complete the project and ensured timely delivery and deployment. As the platform required to carry out financial transactions, we did several tests before deploying to ensure security for the users. Consequently, we achieved all the objectives of the projects and were in fact, able to deliver value to Studio Cube’s operations!

Key Benefits

Created a visually appealing website that makes it possible for the brand to interact with customers anywhere, anytime.


The site has augmented to the widely popular brand’s existing customer base and has also unlocked its potential for locations
where it is currently not present in the brick and mortar format.