Project Brief

As the name suggests, Our Better Planet is a venture that aims to improve the quality of life and by extension, make our planet a better place. Having a wide range of products sourced from local artisans, the project aims to supply qualitative sustainable products while positively impacting communities, especially women and differently-abled and upholding environment-friendly practices such as recycling, fair-trade, to name a few.

For this project, team Hashtechy was required to understand these business practices and design and develop a website that reflected these practices and provided the customers with a welcoming site that promotes sustainability and encourages them to purchase eco-friendly products.

Services Provided

Color Palette




Typeface Treatment

Faced Challenges

Ensuring a smooth online shopping experience while ensuring that the brand’s eco-friendly commitments reflected strongly.

The website was two-pronged. One aspect was to deliver a smooth digital experience for existing and new customers, helping the company grow its operations and simultaneously, also putting out information that helps customers identify the impact that is created by Team Our Better Planet. The challenge was to find a balance between the eCommerce Shopping portal and the company’s rich content while ensuring that the website is not cluttered with too much information.

Further, the site also included a platform for potential sellers and partners to register themselves and their products which would help the company become a large repository of eco-friendly products sourced from artisans across the world.



Project Approach

Dev team comprised 2 Developer, 1 UI/UX Developer with Agile methodology.

The first step that Team Hash Techy carried out was to develop a comprehensive understanding of the various components of the project through requirements analysis. Upon completion of the step, our design and development teams worked to identify the right technology that would help deliver the site, leading us to use ASP.NET for front-end and back-end respectively.

We integrated the three components – Content, eCommerce, and a module for collaboration for new partners into a coherent website from where they can start selling their products through the eCommerce platform. We also integrated SEO friendly practices, a key element in the success of an eCommerce platform.

Key Benefits

One-stop solution for buyers as well as sellers, making it a complete digital solution for the brand.

The technologies we have used are proven for their high standards of performance, especially for eCommerce projects.

Our testing and quality assurance team has ensured that the performance of the website is highly efficient, reducing operational costs and optimizing profits.


The site has augmented to the widely popular brand’s existing customer base and has also unlocked its potential for locations where it is currently not present in the brick and mortar format.