Project Brief

Chashmish is a leading brand in the eyewear market of Ahmedabad. It houses a wide range of eyewear options sourced from the most premium brands as well as those that are manufactured locally, making it a single-window solution for a wide range of customers.

The objective of developing an eCommerce platform was to enable customers to experience Brand Chashmish digitally just as easily as they could do it in the offline medium. Besides offering customers their entire collection on the website, we have also made their information available, making it easy for a customer to understand the brand its values!

Services Provided

Color Palette



Typeface Treatment

Faced Challenges

Ensuring that the client’s USPs are made visible throughout the website. Including important parameters that are mostly customized.

This helped us understand that besides the conventional parameters, we needed to make a separate module that went beyond picking out the products of one’s choice and adding them to the cart. This module contained specific information that each user could customize according to their requirements and included parameters such as the type of glass, power of their glasses in both eyes, to name a few. It was only because of this customized module that we could deliver an experience that replicated the physical store!

Our aim was to develop a digital extension of the brand through the website. Any customer who walked into a store could access hundreds of products suited for their requirements. Further, when it comes to glasses, there are many different possibilities owing to the number, their category (single-vision, bifocal, progressive, zero power glasses, etc).

To ensure that the customer could chose exactly what they needed from the comfort of their homes, our team carried out a detail analysis and interacted with the different people involved at every step of the way in the offline stores. This helped us understand that besides the conventional parameters, we needed to make a separate window for specific parameters which would help customers pick out their final product, including the power and kind of glasses they required.


Project Approach

Dev team comprised 2 Developer, 1 UI/UX Developer with Agile methodology.

To successfully complete the project, our team used the ASP.NET to optimize the process of ordering products for the user. We wanted to ensure that the site was completely user-friendly and the user could navigate through it with utmost ease. We developed the site in a way that made it simple for users to find their desired product. Further, they could also easily integrate the customizations required easily. We connected the front-end with a MSSQL, ensuring that all the data that they submitted was stored securely.

Given that customers share exclusive details, security is crucial. We carried out several test runs and integrated a popular payment gateway that only secures financial transactions but also makes it easier for customers to trust the brand.

Key Benefits

Having a digital extension of a local, and popular brand makes it simpler for customers to connect with them and at the same time, also makes it easier for them


The site has augmented to the widely popular brand’s existing customer base and has also unlocked its potential for locations where it is currently not present in the brick and mortar format.