Project Brief

Our team at Hashtechy was involved in the conceptualization, designing, and development of Profound’s service-based platform. Profound has established itself as a benchmark when it comes to offering customers bespoke ventilation system solutions. Their offerings include completely customized services and a collection of innovative products that help translate ventilation projects into reality. After carefully analyzing the requirements of the project we designed a platform as per the client’s identity and objective. We developed a website that would appeal to their target audience and would provide a simple yet effective understanding of the business model.

Services Provided

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Faced Challenges

The biggest challenge was to create an understanding of the project for the target audience.

One of the most difficult issues we had developing Profound was creating an understanding among various people regarding the business model, but we realized that as we went ahead with the development process the model became simpler because the cause was very clear. There were some real challenges while introducing the concept of the services because there was a lot that came under ventilation services.

After designing the platform with [Technology], we made sure that it appealed to the target audience, we had to make sure to reach the people who were in need of profound’s services. We also needed to create a strong database that would allow the website to run quickly while protecting data confidentiality and privacy. 



Project Approach

The first phase for Team Hashtechy was to engage with the clientele and learn about their vision for the service-based platform. We also spoke with a few clients of Profound, to learn about the services that Profound offers. As a result, we crafted a platform that employs leading-edge technologies to deliver the highest levels of quality, as well as a layout that attracts attention while being simple in terms of customer experience.

The next stage was for us to create designs and translate them into efficient and secure code for both the front and back ends. After successfully constructing the website, our quality assurance department tested every feature, including checkout, add to wish list, and add to cart, to mention a few.

Key Benefits

  • A Major and direct benefit of profound is from its services, which provides comfortable ventilation services continuously.
  • Profound provides bespoke HVAC services that are reliable and are widely in demand.
  • Profound guarantees the most precise ventilation services in industrial projects.


The website is live and speaks for itself, To learn more check out the official website of Profound.