Project Brief

Hashtechy was involved in the conceptualization, design, and development of the Tarot Catala future reading website, It gives an insight into an individual’s future by getting an idea of the state of mind of people by allowing them to select cards according to their state of mind during this project. As a newcomer to the business, the company required a digital solution that would provide them with a competitive advantage in the market.

We thoroughly studied the company, its identity, and its ideation. After thoroughly understanding them, we designed a website that would appeal to their target audience while also assisting them in gaining an easy, effective, and safe insight into their futures.

Services Provided

Color Palette






Typeface Treatment

Faced Challenges

We had to create an intricate e-commerce website without compromising its functionality due to the varied nature of the company’s offerings and a variety of customer preferences.

The client had a very clear vision of the website that they wanted us to create, The challenge for us was to stand up to their expectation. We wanted to create a website that would not only fulfill all the development parameters but would also be attractive and pleasing to the client. We wanted to give our all into giving their vision the face of a website that would allow individuals an insight into their futures.

After developing the platform using MVC, we tested the website multiple times and enhanced it according to client expectations to only see that the website turned out to be a replica of the vision that our client had.


Project Approach

Dev team comprised 1 Developer, 1 UI/UX Developer with Agile methodology.

The important first step taken by Team Hashtechy was to meet with the clients and learn about their expectations for the website that they wanted. We also spoke with a few users to learn more about what might make their online Tarot Card experience easier. As a result, we devised a platform that employs cutting-edge technology for the greatest levels of performance, as well as a design that attracts attention while being simple in terms of user experience.

The implementation stage required us to create designs and translate them into efficient and secure code for both the front and back ends. Following the successful development of the website, our quality assurance team thoroughly tested each module leaving no stone untouched.

Key Benefits

The platform has been created by keeping the target audience in mind, ultimately resulting in a very attractive website with unique graphics and designs.

Our serious study into the project enabled us to build a simple yet effective customer experience, allowing the clients to increase conversion rates from their digital platform.


The website is live and is very appealing to potential customers, To know more check out the official website of Tarot Catala.