Project Brief

Our team at Hashtechy was involved in the conceptualization, designing, and development of Teamey’s professional platform. Teamey is a team-based professional development company improving the way employees and businesses cultivate skills, develop leadership, and thrive during times of change.

After carefully analyzing the requirements of the project we designed a platform as per the client’s identity and objective. We developed a website that would appeal to their target audience and would provide a simple yet effective training experience.

Services Provided

Front end Development

UI/UX Design

Front end Development

Front-End Developer

Cross-platform AppDevelopment

Cross Platform Web App

Backend Development

Backend Developer

QA & Software Testing

QA & Software Testing

Color Palette




Typeface Treatment

Faced Challenges

Challenges in every project are what compel us to do better and create the best outcomes.

We had to create a professional platform that helps people communicate, coordinate and complete vital tasks without any communication gap in the age of a digital world skill without sacrificing efficiency depending upon the nature of the company’s offerings and a variety of client preferences. The client needed a modern solution, that would lead to companies building trained teams that help in building a more productive environment. After designing the platform with [Technology] we also needed to create a strong database that would allow the website to run quickly while protecting data confidentiality and privacy. 


Project Approach

The first phase for Team Hashtechy was to engage with the clientele and learn about their vision for the professional team-based platform. We also spoke with a few potential customers to better understand what would make their buying experience easier. As a result, we crafted a platform that employs leading-edge technologies to deliver the highest levels of quality, as well as a layout that attracts attention while being simple in terms of customer experience.

The next stage was for us to create designs and translate them into efficient and secure code for both the front and back ends. After successfully constructing the website and integrating the necessary features, our quality assurance department tested every feature to assure the best possible user experience.

Key Benefits

Teamey certified coaches bring in industry experience to design that plan with you, define the variables that will have the most impact, and empower your team to follow through for better outcomes.

Teamey allows companies to track real-time reports of their teams’ progress, as well as the value that the coach provides to the teams who are being trained.


The website is live and speaks for itself, To learn more check out the official website of Teamey.