Project Brief

For the Global Himalayan Expedition website, we aimed to develop a digital extension of this one-of-its-kind initiative. Given the nature of the company, it was essential for us to include different forms of content to give a better idea of the company, its achievements, and its offerings to potential participants. This required us to enhance the performance of the website as it is imperative for a global organization to have a fast-loading website.

Further, we also had to create a separate module through which the company explained each of its expeditions in greater detail and allowed participants to register their details, following which the team would contact them. Overall, the project required the website to be efficient, engaging, and attractive.

Services Provided

Color Palette



Typeface Treatment

Faced Challenges

Creating an efficient website that can seamlessly deliver multiple forms of contents and can easily guide potential participants to their expeditions.

Before executing the projects, we carried out extensive interactions with the clients and understood their vision behind the project. Owing to the company having global customers, it was essential to figure out their specific customizations and inclusions that could potentially transform the entire user experience.

Upon understanding the requirements, we needed to identify the most efficient technology stack that would enable the customers to experience it smoothly and also provide comprehensive information regarding the initiative.


Project Approach

The technology stack we used to develop the website was HTML5, CSS3, ASP.NET for the front-end, and ASP.NET, My SQL Server for the back-end. As the website is largely informative in nature, there was a large focus on the design aspect. Our team carried out several design trials to ensure that we met the requirements adequately.

It was very essential that while there were no complex modules, all the information was provided to participants without any hassle, necessitating a special focus on the User Experience research for the project. The website was developed using the agile methodology to ensure timely and efficient delivery.

Key Benefits

An easy to navigate website that enables global customers to access all the information they need regarding the venture and its offerings with the utmost ease.


The website is yet to be launched. Will jot down results upon launching and client feedback if any.