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We offer high-end Web App development services that are incredibly efficient, highly responsive, and tailored to specific customer requirements. When consumers visit your website, we ensure that they have an immersive app experience thanks to our Web Application development services.


Features of Progressive Web App

  • Dynamic-Presence-1

    Dynamic Presence

    Our Web App development services are built around dynamic upgrades, making it easy for our clients to be present across browsers.

  • Connectivity-Independent-1

    Connectivity Independent

    We integrate service workers in such a way that your Web App runs as flawlessly in a no-network condition as it would in a high-quality network environment.

  • Responsive-1


    Regardless of the form factors, we build robust Web Applications that render seamless interactivity across all browsers and devices.

  • User-Friendly-1


    The interface that we use for Web App development ensures an intuitive and engaging user experience that transitions seamlessly.

  • Re-Engaging-1


    We build Web Apps in a way that search engines can easily discover them. They are integrated with push notifications to keep less-active users engaged.

  • Low-Data-Usage-1

    Low Data Usage

    Your Web Apps are built in a way that they take up a very small portion of the limited internet bandwidth that users usually struggle with.


Our thorough procedure to drive the best results

  1. Extensive market study and analysis.
  2. Assessment of your project
  3. Redesigning to produce best SEO results
  4. Complete Shopify Theme development
  5. Consistent Analysis and optimization
Why Hashtechy?

We have a suite of game-changing technologies to help your company create unrivaled future experiences.

  • Domain-Expertise

    Domain Expertise

    Our developers have extensive expertise working on a variety of web and mobile app projects, as well as a flair for employing cutting-edge tools in their respective fields.

  • Business-Ethics

    Business Ethics

    Hashtechy Technologies has established strong corporate standards and follows an ethical culture that prioritizes customer relations and accountability.

  • Accountability


    We believe in taking full ownership and responsibility for our client’s projects and treating them genuinely as our own ultimately, ensuring that they receive nothing but the finest.

  • Scalability


    You can scale up or downsize your developer team depending on the project’s needs. Our hiring procedures are extremely adaptable and cost-effective.



What is the difference between PWAs and native apps?

PWAs exist in the cloud and outside of the app store, which means that you don’t need to install a PWA. Instead, you can “save” the app to your home screen. Just like a regular app, PWAs can be opened in full-screen mode and can be used offline (thanks to service workers).

Is it expensive to build a PWA?

For developers, making PWAs are easier than creating native apps from scratch. PWAs don’t need separate code for different mobile platforms, which helps to limit the cost. It is also less expensive to maintain and update a PWA compared to a native app. PWAs may be a cost-effective part of your business strategy. Contact us for a free consultation.

How do PWAs work?

A PWA starts as a web page in a browser, which you access through a simple URL. If you link to the page enough, the PWA can be added to your home screen. You may receive notifications from the app and interact with it offline. Unlike native apps, progressive web apps don’t require installation. At the same time, they are responsive and provide the same user experience in browsers.

What is a PWA?

A progressive web application (PWA) is a hybrid of a regular website and a mobile application and reflects a new approach to software development. According to Wikipedia, PWAs combine the features offered by any modern browser with the benefits of a mobile experience. Simply put, in a PWA, a mobile website functions as an app. 

Is PWA not just another technological buzzword?

Definitely not! PWA will stay with us for a long time because the way people use mobile devices has changed. They tend to download fewer applications and use only a few regularly. At the same time, they browse a lot of online content on their smartphones and expect the experience to be convenient and frictionless – even if without a dedicated application. Interestingly, PWA has been implemented by market leaders such as Trivago, Forbes, Aliexpress, and the Polish ones cling to this as well (e.g. the NaTemat service). Actually, technologies used to create progressive applications have been around for several years and are being actively developed by technological giants: Facebook and Google.

Who should be in the team responsible for implementing the PWA?

The implementation of a website compliant with the PWA standard requires similar personnel expenditures as front-end projects (design included). And therefore, such a team is supposed to consist of:

Front-end Developers (JavaScript, HTML, CSS, frameworks)

Full-stack Developers (JavaScript, frameworks)

UX experts

Architects (PWA)

Project Managers

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