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The Good and Bad Sides of Social Media Marketing

Social Media is a habit! Make no mistake, once you’re on it, there’s no going back! 

For years, social media has been gaining in popularity. It is now an essential component of any successful business and marketing plan. What began as a source of enjoyment and recreation has evolved into a full-fledged marketing dynamo.

If your business has an online presence, you may use targeted social media marketing to boost your sales and lead generation (SMM). When building your social media marketing plan, it’s necessary to grasp the advantages and disadvantages.

Social Media Marketing

SMM (social media marketing) is the use of social media platforms such as Facebook, YouTube, and LinkedIn to promote products or services to consumers directly. It’s also a mechanism to plan and manage your brand’s approach, as well as communicate with users on a more individual level.

You may draw consumers to your website and products or services by having a strong social media presence. It also enables you to produce content marketing that expands your company and brand while also enhancing your organic search results and rankings.

You might have fantastic blogs, articles, or white papers on your website, but how can you get the word out and urge people to read them?

The answer of course is social media! Due to the obvious massive amount of individuals who use social media, it has become a necessary replacement for traditional marketing methods. We’re talking about billions of people all around the planet.

Passive & Active sides of Social Media Marketing

Passive Social Media Marketing– The material you publish on your website, your SEO efforts, and maintaining your listings in online business directories are all examples of passive marketing.

These are effective and can lead to high ranks in search engine results pages (SERPs), but they can be amplified when combined with more proactive techniques. That’s when things get really exciting!

Active Social Media Marketing– Active marketing repurposes the resources generated by your passive marketing activities and provides them with a social media boost.

These can involve sponsored and unpaid marketing efforts, social media posting, liking, and commenting, customer engagement through events, email, networking, and enlisting influencers.

So, let’s go over some of the good and bad sides of social media marketing. Where can you best use your time and money to reach out to your target market and expand your business?

Good Sides of Social Media Marketing

Without a doubt, digital marketing increases a company’s ability to reach out to customers. You can increase traffic to your site and turn visitors into long-term consumers by starting with a well-designed website, excellent content marketing, and a powerful social media strategy.

Social media marketing is cost-efficient

With SMM, you have the opportunity to reach a large audience for very little cost! Facebook, Pinterest, and other social media sites are all free to join. You’ll want to post it on your social media sites once you’ve created good material that can generate ‘hype’ among potential buyers. 

Blogs, podcasts, Instagram images, TikTok, and Reels may all be used to engage your customers, and you can spend as much money on the content as your budget allows. You get access to a mind-boggling collection of potential clients for a fraction of the expense of traditional TV or magazine advertising. Because of the enormous potential of social media marketing, a good social media marketing agency can help you focus everything on your company.

Reach your Target Audience conveniently

You can place special emphasis on your target demographic with social media marketing.

When you focus on the group most likely to benefit from your product or service, creating relevant content and adverts leads to increased conversion rates. When you know where to look for your target market, it becomes infinitely easy to locate them.

There’s a reason why Facebook (market capitalization of over $500 billion) and Google (market capitalization of $1.7 trillion) are currently two of the world’s most valuable companies. They have developed improved algorithms with the ability to target specific groups for advertising (and are still being developed).

Social media helps us to enhance your content and target hyper-specific audiences, whether you engage in paid ads or organic posts.

Better Brand Awareness

Your brand is valuable, and it should be served as such. By polishing and shaping the message that your customers hear, social media marketing allows you to create that brand and increase customer loyalty.

Whether you’re utilizing influencer marketing, paid commercials, or TikTok videos, make sure brand awareness is present in all of your social media marketing strategies. You want people to remember your business and products, and social media provides you with a platform where consistency rewards off big time.

Enhance Customer Engagement

This is where social media marketing can be really beneficial. Businesses had a harder time creating personal relationships with their clients prior to the phenomenal expansion of social media. In fact, most businesses didn’t give it a second thought. They created advertisements and marketing materials in the hopes of attracting clients, but having a conversation was not on the table.

Now businesses can use social media to foster genuine brand loyalty and long-term client involvement. It will take time and work, but it will be well worth it. It entails interacting with customers on social media platforms, replying to queries in real-time, encouraging customers to make comments and reviews, and taking the risk of always being available, regardless of the circumstances. It also entails responding to positive and negative feedback.

People no longer consider participation to be a luxury; they expect it and will base their purchasing decisions on a company’s reaction (or lack of a response).

Data-Driven Analytics for every Social Media Platform is handy

Data is required to determine the performance of a social media campaign and its return on investment. When you use social media marketing, you’ll have access to a wide range of data that will show you where your plan has worked and where it can be improved.

Hashtechy can help you refine your efforts if you don’t know how to extract the data or what it signifies.

Bad sides of Social Media Marketing

Every positive appears to be accompanied by a set of negatives. It’s the same with social media marketing. Consider the following disadvantages:

Appropriate Time & Knowledge

A great social media marketing approach has a lot of moving elements.

Fresh, relevant material of all types must be supplied on a regular, consistent basis to a variety of channels in order for an overall social media marketing strategy to be effective. It’s easy to become overwhelmed!

While some aspects of a business can be handled by the organization at first, if done correctly, the business will develop, and you will either find yourself spending your evenings and weekends managing your social media, or you may unwittingly drop the ball. Neither is a viable option.

SMM Budgets can be tricky

It’s difficult to estimate the costs of social media marketing, especially at first. You may need some time ‘under the belt,’ as with many marketing functions, to see what your actual usage is for things like paid ads and what is effectively bringing in new customers.

It also depends on variable costs such as time and content development costs, as well as the cost of managing sites and interacting with clients.

One thing that appears to be consistent is that businesses that do a good job of launching and managing a strong social media strategy end up raising their budgets as they discover new ways to use their platforms.

Results are visible only with time

In social media marketing, impatience can be disastrous. Solid results take time to achieve, and it’s difficult to stay motivated when sales aren’t increasing.

Active forms of marketing, such as sponsored advertisements, produce a quicker result but don’t overlook the other actions. They all collaborate to create a comprehensive strategy. Expect to wait six to twelve months before seeing a return on your investment. Keep in mind that you’re trying to gain authority and followers.

Your brand is exposed to Negative Reaction

Being active on social media exposes you and your company to the risk of receiving unfavorable reviews. Your internet reputation, like your brand, is vulnerable to attack. Unfortunately, there are negative people in the world who may seek to harm your company. Maintaining the highest level of integrity in all of your communications, comments, material, and posts is the best offense.

The most concrete way to resolve a problem is to diligently monitor and respond to negative feedback, reviews, comments, or responses on numerous platforms. The way you handle these situations will be read and remembered by other consumers.


Don’t allow the disadvantages to deter you from participating in social media. There is far too much potential out there to be concerned about a few ‘trolls’ or spammers.

If you’re new to social media marketing, consider hiring an experienced firm that knows how to succeed across many platforms and activities and can scale to match your expanding needs.

To learn more about social media marketing and receive a proposal for your personalized marketing campaign, Contact Hashtechy.