Top 4 National And International Payment Gateway Methods

What are Payment Gateway Methods?

Payment Gateway Method is an automation method used by merchants to receive debit or credit card payments from the customer’s side. The word Payment Gateway includes the physical card scanning devices innovated in the Bricks and Mortar retail stores and the payment transforming portals initiated in online stores. The process to receive a payment includes the customers filling in some details i.e. credit/debit card number, CVV, and expiration date. The customer begins to make a payment, which is transferred from the user’s account to the merchant’s account. We’ve listed some of the best practices to process payments to National and International Merchants.

How Does The Payment Gateway Work?

Online Payment Gateway directly operates the system, it also follows a procedure for resolving the payment every time. After filling in the customer card details, The payment finally flowing into the merchant’s account passes through different steps.

  • Payment Gateway will steadily carry the transaction to the process on the merchant’s account.
  • Customers will enter payment data in detail for the checkout process.
  • The processors will send the transaction details of the credit card.
  • The bank will re-route the transaction to the bank, the issues faced by the customer with the credit card details.
  • The banking issue will accept or decline the transaction based on the funds accessible in the customer’s account.
  • Payment Gateway accepts the message from the customer’s side and sends it to the website. And if the issue is approved, the merchant will receive the goods or services from the customer’s side.
  • The bank will find the issues and send the funds to the network where the funds are passed to the merchant’s account.
  • Then the bank will deposit the fund 1-4 days later, in the merchant’s bank account.

Top 4 Payment Gateway Methods


1. Razorpay

In today’s era, 90% of people use Online Payment Methods. Razorpay is one of the Best Payment Gateways for National Payments and National Merchants that will allow all businesses to accept all processes with its products. Razorpay will give access to all payment processes that include credit-debit card details, Netbanking, UPI, etc. Razorpay manages the marketplace, bank transfers, collects recurring amounts, invoices with users, and working capital loans.  There are a variety of websites that use Razorpay Payment Gateway such as Woo-commerce, Magento, CS-cart, Open-cart, etc.

Features of RazorPay
  • 90+ Payment Modes
  • API driven automation requires zero manual intervention
  • The integration process is easy
  • 24/7 Service Availability 
  • Saving Facility
  • Integration with a website for payment collection
2. Juspay

Juspay Payment Gateway was founded in 2012 by Vimal Kumar and Ramanathan. It is an inexpensive Payment Gateway method used by businessmen for their payment integration. The vision is to redefine the online Payment Methods to enable users to make payments on the web and mobile applications with a single click. The astounding customers of the Juspay payment system are Swiggy, Freecharge, Zoomcar, Voonik, Myntra, Zivame, etc.

Features of Juspay
  • Juspay Support is free for 90 days.
  • It will display the title of the Custom Payment Method that is set from the admin panel.
  • Juspay will integrate the Juspay Payment Gateway method with Magento 2 technology for capturing the secure online payment in-store.
  • Juspay integrates with Magento technology with its live API key and Live Gateway key required while registering with Juspay. 
  • In the Juspay Payment Gateway, there are auto-generated invoices for the paid orders.
3. Paytm

Paytm has taken the place to be the best and the leading Payment Gateway method in India for small and large businesses. Paytm is India’s leading financial service company by its popularity, accessibility, services, etc. Paytm will allow all the full-stack payments and finance solutions for the customer and also for online platforms and offline merchants. Paytm Payment Gateway supports all the main Payment Gateway sources i.e Domestic and International cards, UPI, Wallet, Netbanking, services, etc. Paytm is the first Payment gateway method in India that allows acceptance of UPI payments at 0% transaction cost.

Benefits of Paytm

  • Ensures high security for all the payments
  • Easy to accept Multiple Payment Methods through Paytm
  • The Industry has a high success rate of payments
  • Paytm provides easy checkout with different payment cards.
  • It is a real-time bank settlement for the users.
  • The growth of the business insight on the Payment Methods is on the dashboards.
4. CC Avenue

CCAvenue has established its name in a completely lower position on the Top Payment Gateway. This is another Payment Gateway that will give a wide range of payment alternatives. It is one of the best practices to process payments in South Asia as well as India. This Payment Gateway method is easy to use, fast and secure. CCAvenue accepts different credit cards for payment ( i.e. Amex, Mastercard, Visa, Eze Click, JCB, Diners Club). It is considered to be the single Best Payment Gateway Method in India as it is available in 18 multilingual languages.

Features of CCAvenue
  • Allows International transactions.
  • It is a Website Integration.
  • This Payment Gateway supports more than 200 Payment Methods.
  • Allows multiple currency processing.
  • 24/7 available Services.
  •  It has zero setup fees and has high security for fraud detection.


1. Stripe

Stripe gives you an end-to-end solution with different features to take any action for online payment and makes it ideal for web-based businesses and e-commerce websites. Stripe is a cloud-based payment platform designed to help businesses to accept and manage their online transactions. Platforms that are using cloud-based infrastructure services to allow their scalability and tight security. Stripe removes all complexity of the financial operations in online e-commerce by leveraging the platform to work with their financial institutions, banks, regulators, and consumer wallets in place of your business. It offers different types of products to notice the crucial stages of the payment processes.

Benefits of Stripes
  • Stripe has varied payment options.
  • It has a customized checkout experience method.
  • Stripe has secured payment processing.
  • It has a custom UI toolkit, mobile customer interface.
  • Stripe’s Payment Method is an Open Source Plugin.
2. PayPal

PayPal is a Global Payment Method in 150+ countries and has moved over 4 billion Payment Methods. PayPal Payment Gateway service is connected with the extremely popular payment option. Because PayPal is created to assist International and Inter-fund transactions, Indian clients are unable to send or receive funds from PayPal users in India. The merchants in India use the PayPal method to obtain funds from overseas clients. The merchants must have to in-cooperate with PayPal on their e-commerce store to expect the orders from the global merchant’s platform.

Features of PayPal 
  • Using the PayPal Payment Method will give you an additional level of protection and fraud prevention.
  • PayPal helps you get your money back from Fraudulent transactions (that have been made through PayPal)
  • This Payment Method is easy to use, a very straightforward way to send money to friends and family. And there will be no fees for sending money to their friends and family.
  • PayPal has Multiple Currencies and an automated conversion process.
3. Authorize.net

Authorize.Net is the most popular payment service among small businesses. This Payment Method helps to make it simple to receive electronic and card payments, online or over the phone. Authorize.net services are gotten rid of through a network of dealer associates including Merchant Service Providers, Independent Sales Organizations, and their financial institutions that will offer services of Authorize.net Payment Methods to their customers.

Features of Authorize.net
  • Authorize.net is a customer information management and customer profile.
  • It has customer data security and also has fraud prevention.
  • Authorize.net has a standalone feature that is Visa Checkout.
  • It is receiving all major credit cards and payment services.
  • On using this Payment Method, the system will store customer information manager and customer profile information.
  • Authorize.net is a customer data security and mobile in-app transaction.
4. Amazon Pay

Amazon pay is an E-money method that will be added by the users in their terms of Internet banking or by utilizing the other Payment Methods like Debit/Credit cards or their balance. These Payment Methods will balance their features by Amazon which gives an opening for the customers to gesture to the lengthy checkout process and conduct a huge saving moment for building up loyalty with AmazonPay in multiple ways. Amazon Pay account will not only take a snap to get it done but also, it will come with the Amazons demonstrating the security which can give the customer inconvenience over the multiple devices and different partners for websites.

Features of Amazon Pay
  • It is the simplicity of use and speed of business.
  • There will be security and trust of the companies.
  • Amazon Payment Method will be quick and easy to checkout.
  • There will be Multiple Payment Methods to use anywhere people want.

The world is becoming a smaller place as e-commerce expands. You may establish a National or International brand. With eCommerce, you can achieve your aim of moving from Local to International customers and vice-versa. With a secure International or National payment gateway solution, We can turn your dream into your profession.