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Top 5 Social Media Marketing Strategies for e-Commerce websites

Are you tired of trying various ways to market your e-commerce? And are still unable to drive traffic to your website? Stop! Right there! Posting vaguely without thorough planning is only costing you time and money and not leading you to a place in the market where you should be! More than any e-Commerce marketing strategy, it’s important for you to understand where, how and what time you can drag traffic to your website. It’s crucial to engage your audience in such a manner that they are compelled to come back to your website.

Marketing in general sounds like a walk in the park, but is it? If it were a walk in the park, every e-commerce website would be making a million dollars! There’s a very fine line of demarcation between Social Media marketing strategies for e-commerce and marketing strategies to boost sales on your e-commerce website! You’ve got to differentiate between the two so you have a clear idea of what you are working on! Boosting sales is easy if you have the correct audience, but the bigger question is, how do you drive the audience to your website?

The e-commerce market is becoming increasingly competitive, and e-commerce enterprises must discover innovative ways to form relationships with their customers to maintain a loyal customer base. Website traffic is the most important segment of any e-commerce business, but it is also the most difficult.

Social media is now playing a significant role in the evolution of online shopping. It serves as a venue for discussions, reviews, information, and expression. An e-commerce company can benefit from the opportunities provided by social media platforms. According to a Magento article, 93% of consumers use social media to help them make purchasing decisions, and 90% trust peer recommendations.

Digital marketers have listed several strategies for e-commerce businesses to use social media to boost traffic to their websites. The five powerful strategies listed below can help you leverage the reach of social media for greater benefits.

Identify your Target Audience

The very first step you should be taking is recognizing “who” are you targeting? Your marketing strategies will be affected by the type of audience you are targeting, the work that they are looking for. An e-Commerce website should know what kind of customers they want to attract or it’ll be like working with a mob mentality. It is only after deciding your target audience that you can start thinking of marketing strategies that will be compelling for your target audience. Hereafter you can actually begin deciding.

Choose the Correct Platform

There are 2.85 billion Facebook users today and using Facebook as a social media platform for marketing will give you the best return on your investment. The key is to plan and recognize your target audience and work accordingly. You can identify where most of your target audience is coming from and then can select the social media platform to market accordingly. Although, never try to put everything in the same basket. Look ahead for other social media platforms as well, but you do want to build Facebook as the primary Social media marketing platform. Keeping this in mind will help you follow the next steps of your Social Media marketing plan.

Consistency is the New High

Remember that one time you unfollowed a brand because you were unsure of what they were actually doing? Consistency interests your customers, it gives them an opportunity to return to your brand every time just because they have a clear idea of what your brand sells. Consistency is again not just being consistent in what your brand does but also being consistent with the marketing strategies. Consistency is valued by customers, and it guarantees that you are committed to a benchmark. There’s always room for advancement but you can’t keep changing your Social Media Marketing Strategies, It’s straight-up very puzzling for your customers. Either you are Consistent or you are close to losing the Marketing game!

Establish your Content Strategy

Remember how you wait for a music launch or a standup comic video every Thursday or Friday? Now imagine your favorite music or stand-up video stops releasing at the said time! What a put-off! Always put yourself in the shoes of the customer and think, “Would they care if I post inconsistent content?” Of course, they would! When you fix a time and date for posting on social media it puts your audience in the habit of consuming your content at that time of the day. At the same time when you become inconsistent your audience will stop expecting or consuming the content. The only solution to this is to fix a content strategy and work on it! This is why Digital marketing is all about your niche and content strategy.

Adhere to your Marketing Strategies

Rome wasn’t built in a day, Hence patience and time will give you the results you need. Any Strategy Implementation comes with time and practice. It might look like it’s not yielding results, but you have to be patient and consistent. Creating a Social Media Marketing strategy and implementing it doesn’t give you results overnight. You have to spend some time and energy here. By doing so, you end up promoting your brand and you get to expand the reach of your business. Not all of your target audience is looking for you on Google, Twitter, or Facebook so by focusing on different channels that we chose back in the very beginning, by building up your audiences and retargeting lists, by running some ads, bringing people to your social profiles you can take advantage of the 81% of the audience that uses social media and the 65% of those that purchase via social media channels.

Social media strategy for e-Commerce isn’t rocket science that takes ages to figure out. You need to plan things in a way that is result-yielding for you and your business. We at Hashtechy develop e-commerce websites that give you a clear idea of who exactly you are targeting and what end results are you looking for. To know more about e-Commerce website development check out our official page.