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Why build a Mobile App for your e-Commerce website?

Think about constantly having to visit a website to shop online and filling in all the details every time you need to place an order. Sounds chaotic right? People prefer purchasing through an app over shopping from an e-commerce website for a variety of reasons. Because we live in a society where 96 percent of people own mobile phones (source: oberlo), the majority of interactions take place on them. While an e-commerce website may generate 90% of sales, an app for your e-commerce website can boost revenues by up to 200 percent. From a customer’s perspective, a tailored purchasing experience is far more important than anything else, and as customer-facing websites, all we care about is our customers’ comfort and convenience. In comparison to e-commerce, m-commerce is becoming increasingly popular.

Think about what do you prefer as a consumer? Don’t you spend most of your time on Mobile Apps? Do you ever consider spending the same amount of time on a website that does not provide you with a personalized experience and is also very time-consuming? For example, every time you visit an e-commerce website, you must first enter your credentials before you can access any of the information you accessed the previous time. The procedure takes a long time and demands a lot of work. Here are a few reasons why you should have an app for your e-Commerce:

Mobile Commerce is Trending- It is easier for users to buy via a mobile app, Hence, mobile apps account for 67 percent of all sales. Shopping apps are growing at a faster rate than other types of mobile apps, with a 54 percent increase.

  • In 2016, m-commerce accounted for 52.4 percent of total e-commerce sales worldwide.
  • In 2017, m-commerce accounted for 58.9 percent of total e-commerce sales worldwide.
  • In 2018, m-commerce accounted for 63.5 percent of total e-commerce sales worldwide.
  • In 2019, m-commerce accounted for 67.2 percent of total e-commerce sales worldwide.
  • By 2020, m-commerce will account for 70.4 percent of total e-commerce sales worldwide.
  • M-commerce is expected to account for 72.9 percent of total e-commerce revenues worldwide in 2021.

The numbers speak for themselves as to why you need a mobile app for your e-commerce business to succeed in the internet economy. If you run an e-commerce firm and don’t have a mobile app, chances are you’ll never be able to compete.

Consumers Prefer Mobile Apps- Having a mobile responsive website is absolutely essential in today’s times, we cannot ignore that customers need details of what you sell and what you do before even beginning to shop on your mobile app. However, a mobile responsive website does not provide a personalized experience like a mobile app.

85 percent of individuals say that the mobile version of a website should appear as good as, if not better than, the desktop version. The numbers speak for themselves: 83 percent of people believe shopping on a mobile app is convenient, 57 percent believe it’s faster, 40 percent consider it’s easier to use mobile apps because their credentials are already stored and they don’t have to update their details every time they shop, and 31 percent believe it’s good to use mobile apps because you can get multiple rewards when you use a mobile app compared to an e-Commerce website.

Gain a Competitive Advantage- Since you are an e-Commerce store you already know who your competitors are, but the bigger question here is how to get ahead of your competitors in the market?

The answer would be a well-optimized mobile app, that is what is going to get you ahead in the market. If you are thinking that why should you worry because your competitors aren’t planning to build an app, in future when they actually do think of building an app you’ll already be at least five years ahead of them because you already built an app for your e-Commerce website and are experiencing great conversion rates as compared to your competitors.

High Conversion Rates- Everything we do in our business is ultimately to increase our profit, our sales, and our revenue. Let’s take a look at mobile app conversion rates vs conversions on mobile websites. 

The chart clearly shows that Conversions are a terrific way to grow your e-commerce firm and with mobile apps, conversion rates are 130 percent higher. Consumers want to have a good experience, They view more products per session, They add more products to their cart and even the checkout rates are higher with a mobile app. Mobile apps are a win-win situation for businesses today.

Mobile App or Mobile Website?

The best that can be done here is to present you with actual figures, of why do people prefer an App over a Website. Why do users devote so much time to apps? Because of the user experience, speed, added features, and special offers, users prefer apps to mobile sites. Customers become emotionally invested in your brand when you personalize it. Your e-commerce app is in a better position to offer your consumers their favorite products since it has all of their buying histories and knows about their preferences and shopping tendencies. 

In comparison to other industries, retail and e-commerce mobile applications are the most frequently launched, followed by news apps. In-app shopping is popular among Millennials in particular: 61 percent of Millennials say they use retail apps, and 58 percent say they prefer to buy things using apps. The most important aspect is that the app improves the client experience. It keeps users interested and encourages them to buy more from you. If you have an eCommerce store, you should absolutely start with a mobile app. Even with the preceding in mind, a mobile-optimized website or outstanding mobile app will continue to be a valuable asset for the foreseeable future. 

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